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Welcome to Ramsat Digital Solutions

Ramsat Digital Solutions Trustworthy IT Services and Solutions for large and small business can count on for greater productivity and profitability. Client satisfaction is our company's mission and satisfaction of customer builds the success of our company. Managing, building and implementing IT environments for business systems critical to success in today's challenging and changing market. The company does implementation and management of quality IT services. We also provide solution website development and designing, IT Infrastructure, Networking, Microsoft Windows & Linux Support, Remote Services, Webhosting, Software & Mobile Applications, E-Commerce, etc.


عرض خاص للمؤسسات الصغيره و المتوسطه

 من منطلق دعم المؤسسات الصغيره و المتوسطه رمسات للحلول الرقمية تخصص باقات استضافة البريد الالكتروني و مواقع الانترنت باسعار خاصه. علما نحن لا نستضيف المواقع الشخصية و خدماتنا مخصصه فقط  للمؤسسات و نضمن لكم مستوى الحماية العالي و الدعم الفني المستمر 24 /7 . اذا كان لديك اي استفسار اود تود بتخصيص باقة بمساحة اخرى تواصل معنا من خلال This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Business class web hosting designed for your business!

Web Hosting -RDSPRO

Web Hosting - RDSPRO+

75GB Disk Space 100 GB Disk Space
75 Mailbox  200  Mailbox 
3 MySQL database 5 MySQL database
Webmail (Access your email from anywhere)  Webmail (Access your email from anywhere)
Free Domain Name registration  Free Domain Name registration 
Limited offer 180 OMR / Year  Limited offer 235 OMR / Year 
Hosting features:All our hosting servers are high performance running on Linux ( CENTOS 7 ) with SSD very secure and monitored 24/7 


To place a order or if you have any inquiries about any of our services please send  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and our team will get back to you in short time.