Server Virtualization

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Server Virtualization

RDS can implement and manage virtualization very scalablily, monitor workloads and process automization. To disucss the benefits of virtualization services and call us today for a free assessment.


Server & Desktop virtualization, we can help you compare desired outcomes, assests considerations, and create a clear plan for you to optimize any use with this growing technology. To know the benefits call us and start saving.

Desktop Virtualization

Reduce Costs, energy and management resources. They also limit productivity and flexibility for end users to individual machines and isolating files from local drives. RDS addresses these issues, with scalable desktop virtualization solutions custom designed for individual customer needs.

Working Criteria

Using VMware virtualization process, RDS seamlessly replaces desktop computers with server-based thin client devices. Full desktop operating systems, applications, and all data that traditionally resided on desktop computers is now virtualized on reliable servers located in a secure, managed data center. With no diminished usability, users can access their desktop environments remotely from any PC or thin client on the network.


  • Back-ups, upgrades and complete maintenance is consolidated as software and applications are centralized
  • Desktop builds may be standardized
  • New desktops may be created in minutes by copying other virtual desktops
  • Supports end user mobility with on demand access to environments and files from any connected client
  • Improves security as data is hosted within the data center rather than at the desktop
  • Conserves energy with reduced hardware
  • Improves productivity with the ability to seamlessly scale up
  • Reduces downtime due to end user misconfiguration or hardware failure
  • Reduces capital expenses and cuts management costs associated with traditional desktop computing

Server Virtualization

Increase Productivity, Reduce Costs and Improve Environmental Impact RDS can transform your organization with consolidating its servers, managing every step from initiation through completion, including technical support.

RDS seamlessly combines separate servers onto on a single reliable server located in a secure, managed data center. A thin layer over the consolidated server partitions it into separate areas that the separate “virtual” servers then run on. Computing resources from the underlying server are shared among the servers sitting on top. With the exception of that sharing, each virtual server acts as its own entity; problems with an application on one virtual server do not affect other virtual servers on that same consolidated server. With server consolidation, there's no diminished access or server capability.

Key Benefits

  • By consolidating multiple physical servers into a single "virtual" physical machine, you'll increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve environmental impact with key benefits that include.
  • Increased utilization rates - 3-10% up to 75%
  • Reduced power, space, and cooling costs
  • Simplified maintenance and management tasks
  • Improved reliability and availability to support higher levels of service
  • Standardized server platforms
  • Accelerated backup processes
  • Faster deployment of new applications with fewer servers to configure
  • Disaster recovery facilitation