Server Hardening

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Server Hardening

  • FlexibleScale up your performance as your website grows. Linux-VServer allows you to quickly scale vertically with no need to reboot. Add another virtual server instance in seconds (e.g. a low-resource VPS for chat).
  • Initial Server SetupWe'll setup and configure the server completely to get the server ready for use
  • CHKRootKitA simple program that detects hacker software and notifies you if any has been detected via email
  • RootKit HunterScanning tool to ensure your system does not have any backdoors or exploits
  • Securing and Upgrading of SSH ServerIncreases security during ssh connections
  • CSF FirewallMost commonly used policy based iptables firewall
  • Anti-DoS configurationHelps mitigate denial of service type attacks
  • Brute Force DetectionNotifies you of numerous login authentication failures and automatically blocks the attackers ip in the firewall
  • Log Analysis Software InstallationEmails are dispatched daily, the amount of detail in the emails can be changed on request
  • System Integrity Monitor24x7 Internal Monitor that checks all services and restarts them if they are down
  • SPRIChanges the priority of different processes in accordance to level of importance, hence increasing server performance
  • Secure and Optimize Web ServerTweaks web server to perform better, and prevent unnecessary information from being easily seen
  • MySQL optimizationIncreases performance of MySQL
  • host.conf hardeneningPrevent dns lookup poisoning & spoofing protection
  • nsswitch.conf modificationSecure and optimize DNS lookups
  • sysctl.conf hardeningHelps prevent TCP/IP stack from syn-flood attacks and other network abuses
  • FTP HardeningUpgrade and secure your ftp software
  • Removal of unused softwarePrevents exploits and wasted resources
  • Removal of old logsRegain wasted space by deleting old archived logs
  • Shell Fork Bomb/Memory Hog ProtectionPrevents a user logged into a shell from consuming all the resources on the server
  • Root LoggeLogs and emails you everytime someone accesses root with the timestamp and their ip address
  • MyTOPTool for monitoring MySQL threads and processes
  • MultiTailView multiple log files simultaneously
  • TMP Directory hardening ( /tmp, /var/tmp, /dev/shm)Helps prevents execution of malicious scripts
  • Password ScannerScans for easy to guess and common passwords
  • FilemanagerAllows you to edit system files through WHM in case SSH is inaccessible
  • Firewall AdminAllows you to edit firewall allow & deny list and config through your control panel
  • Mod_SecurityProtects against common url based hack injections
  • Mod_EvasiveDefends http based attacks
  • PHP Tighteningtweaks php to run in a safer and restricted evironment