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With the development of various ecommerce solutions, it has become difficult to select the one which meet all business requirements. Among them Magento is the one which is gradually making its mark in the IT sector. It has become popular amongst developers to design a classy website. It gained popularity because it is open source and has wide range of features.

As Magento is an open source ecommerce solution, it becomes easy to customize and design solution as per customer needs. It is a cost - effective and easy way to design websites. Thus it increases the conversion rate, revenues and ROI of business. It is SEO friendly i.e. it comes with inbuilt SEO features to make the optimization of website easier. Magento makes the website easy to navigate. It is scalable in the sense that it can meet the requirements of a small business as well as a large company. It is popular because it is constantly developing and with every new version it is improving. It is also backed up by a large community of active users which constantly provide support. It is a reliable and flexible way of website development as it consists of numerous features.

RDS, an offshore outsourcing company in Muscat,Oman provides end - to - end Magento Website Development Services. We also look into your requirement to increase traffic and get more sales conversions. For all your needs of Magento Website Development our Magento developer provides optimal solutions to your requirement. We provide solution which are SEO friendly and cross browsers compatible. We do not compromise with the quality. We provide customized solutions and standardized features as per the business requirement and our services are cost - effective. Our goal is to provide our clients a competitive edge over their competitors and reach more and more customers. We design Magento websites that have intuitive user interface and are attractive, powerful and effective. We design user friendly websites as it becomes more convenient for the business to convert visitors into clients!!

If you are looking for Magento Development Services which are affordable, out of the box and of high quality then we will be the right company for you!!

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Client appreciate the cheap monthly rates, features, and clear voice quality of VoIP service. VoIP (Voice over IP) is a technology that allows you to make calls locally and worldwide at cheap rates compared to ISD rates, and gives you other benefits and improvements over traditional telephone. To be able to use VoIP, you need a VoIP service.

VoIP service allows making and receiving VoIP calls at cheaper rates. You therefore need to be registered with RDS and use our service to make VoIP calls at cheap rates that you can ever get. VOIP services Let you talk at virtually local calling rates. So, no matter how far they go, you can be in touch!


  • Convenient to Use a computer or a regular phone to connect to a VoIP device
  • Cheaper International Calls rates
  • Android Phones
  • Windows Phones
  • Web Browsers


Free Features

  • On line balance management
  • Free Caller id
  • Enhanced voice mail
  • Call waiting Option
  • 3-way calling Facility
  • Call forwarding Facility
  • Do not disturb (DND)
  • Speed dialing Feature
  • Call screening Facility
  • Online phone book



  • The main advantage of VoIP service is cost. VoIP charges are much cheaper for long distance and international calls compared with traditional phone service.
  • Many features are provided that are not available with traditional phone service, like virtual phone number.
  • Even if you already have a regular phone line, VoIP is a good low cost alternative to add an additional phone line with extra features and low long distance and international rates.
  • Mobility and portability. You can use the VoIP service anywhere with broadband connection. All you need are a laptop and a headset or just a VoIP phone adaptor. Even if you are traveling, you can still enjoy the cheap calling rates of VoIP service.

Along with customer service at the heart of everything we provide, we offer a wide range of IT Infrastructure services, a designed model to work on complex issues and make it running powerfully and plan a reliable infrastructure for your company.

Perfect IT Department

On daily basis, utilization IT services across the board, marketing to sales, and more is increaesd. A highly performance and available infrastructure is a mandatory for any viable business who can keep your systems running.

At RDS, we provide services for everything from application security to monitoring the health of your network. We manage your IT infrastructure, maintain outstanding performance, and ensure that your infrastructure is easily scalable for future growth.

Have the confidence to grow your business without technical limitations and let an experienced RDS team manage your IT infrastructure.

Infrastructure Management

RDS helps customers to visualize their plans. Our are available on-hand to discuss your goals one-on-one and are happy to advise the best implementation from a network, hardware, and management perspective. Be it a single server setup, a complex clustered environment, or a fully redundant geographical deployment, we have the know-how to make your vision a reality.

For incredible availability as network grows, redundant environment can be a vital part of a great IT infrastructure.

At RDS, we keep in mind the business and can suggest you the best-suited facilities for your application at a remarkably competitive price point. Save time, money, and resources and let RDS support you prospectively.


Any expert in IT will tell you that keeping regular data backups is possibly the most important element of any project. Unfortunately, this point is often overlooked in infrastructure management, leaving businesses in the dark until their vital data is irretrievably lost.

We know how crucial your data is to you and your business and implement a fully redundant, on-site and off-site backup strategy to ensure that your data is protected in the event of hardware failure.

We value our customers and their time. Our emphasis is to strike a partnership with the customer where the customer takes care of his core business and we take care of his IT infrastructure.